Smart, reliable WiFi for your home.

Clear Access and Plume have teamed up to bring you HomePass.

So much more than traditional WiFi extenders.

Unlike traditional mesh WiFi systems and extenders, HomePass adapts and learns to improve your connection every second (traditional extenders take up to 24 hours), eliminating interruptions and fixing issues before you even notice. Plus with HomePass you can access features like motion sensing, parental controls, and cyber security. HomePass has it all – see for yourself.

Get your HomePass® subscription and select your SuperPods

Your first pod remains plugged into the broadband router. It works to optimise your Wi-Fi and maximise your underlying broadband speed potential.

Plug in other pods around the house.

Your additional pods extend Wi-Fi coverage and optimise Wi-Fi around your home. For larger homes we recommend buying additional pods.

Connect to the app and start enjoying the full experience of HomePass®.

Enjoy a blind spot-free WiFi experience at home along with always-on cyber-protection, parental controls, and in-home motion sensing.

WiFi management, control, and visibility made simple.

Advanced motion detection

Get notified of movement inside your home when you’re out—HomePass turns existing connected devices into motion sensors via WiFi waves.

Always on, 24/7, network security

Block attacks across all connected devices in your home with advanced cyber-security that is faster than your antivirus software.

Intuitive access controls for your family

Create and maintain healthy online habits by setting up age-appropriate content filters and scheduling device-specific internet freezes.

Reliable, consistent WiFi experience

Enjoy the great connection that comes with intelligently distributing bandwidth across all of your devices, even when using them simultaneously.

Join 43 million Customers.

Customers who rely on Plume’s AI-driven Wi-Fi solution to upgrade their digital home experience.

Questions? We have answers!

Is HomePass a Broadband product?

No, HomePass is more like a WiFi extender. It works with Clear Access broadband by plugging directly into your router. Additional pods are spread throughout the home to move the signal to the places where it’s needed most. Say goodbye to WiFi blackspots.

How is HomePass better than a standard extender?

HomePass adapts to your usage through network improvements and runs more than 10 different types of improvements that work in the background so you get fast and consistent WiFi everywhere. For example, if a change occurs that would impact your WiFi performance, like an increase in connected devices or interference from a neighbour’s WiFi, HomePass will run network improvements that distribute bandwidth and keep your WiFi consistent.

Is setup really that easy?

Yes – simply plug your first pod (via the ethernet cable provided) into your existing router. Then distribute your 2nd pod and any other pods you have purchased around the house. Download the HomePass app to name your pods, so you know where they are in your home (e.g. Kitchen, Hallway, etc.) You should notice an improvement in WiFi almost instantly, but we’d recommend waiting for 24 hours to see the real difference., as this will allow HomePass to start to learn your habits and adjust accordingly.

Why choose Clear Access?

For over a decade, Clear Access has been at the forefront of making the internet work for South Africans. We’ve connected thousands of homes and businesses to cutting-edge, high-speed fibre. This has enabled enterprises to thrive and people to live richer online lives.
We remain committed to delivering the best possible customer experience at every stage, from installation to ongoing service and support. We believe in the benefits that faster, more reliable and more secure internet can deliver, and we believe in sharing these benefits as widely as possible.


By providing ultra-fast, super-reliable fibre connectivity, and 24/7/365 support, we are your #1 choice.